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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
PBATS 3.2 Horst's PBATS - Batch Tools Download (60Kb)
This is an archive of tiny batch tools that have been around for several years.
Note: NSET, COUNT and INPUT do not work with CMD.exe (Windows NT or later).

Variables, Output Handling
NSET2.1pipe data from STDIN into an environmental variable
LISTMOD2.3make list of commands from input list
LOGECHO2.1custom entries for logfiles, with enhanced date handling
QECHO1.3"quote echo" with control codes, defaults without CR/LF
COUNT1.0Count, add, subtract (variable), fixed length option
FPATH1.1locate path of program file, optional ChDir
RANDOM1.1random number (given range) to STDOUT
Batch Control
EVERY1.0run jobs once a day / on specified days of week
DREADY2.2disk(ette) ready?, optional check "ready to write"?
PCHECK1.1checks if (parallel) printer is ready, optional reset
ESPACE1.2environment variable space report/check with errorlevel
KPUSH2.0stuff keystrokes into keyboard buffer, code test mode
CHOIX1.1CHOICE Clone with mouse support
INPUT1.2string input, editing of existing variable..
ISDATE2.2compare date (also file date, today)
TIMENOW1.0is current time within given period(s)?
WAIT1.4wait with prompt, key by errorlevel
WHAT1.0hour/minute/year/month/day/day of week by errorlevel
File Utilities
CRLF1.3convert: lines to be terminated by CR+LF, CR or LF
LINEX1.2extract [multiple] range of lines from ASCII file
DELAGE1.3delete/report files by age (days)
CRC322.1report and check CRC32, optional list processing
LOGTRIM1.7trim logfiles (min/max KB)
BANNER1.2big font looping message
BIGFONT1.0display big characters (4 lines high), round pixels
CSOUND2.2sound output to PC speaker / resident beep replacement
WAIT41.4wait for/until with large "digital clock", options
PACO1.2executable COM file archive (run with prefix)