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Little Windows Helpers

To install these "portable" programs just unzip the downloaded files to a new folder, and make a shortcut. On your local hard disk a folder outside the "Program Files" structure is recommended (Windows Vista/7/8/10) to allow data storage in the program folder, which is the default behaviour of these programs. If there is a problem opening the built-in help, please read this.
Plain text outliner and note taking program with a structured index. Fast and easy to handle; web links and local file links, web lookup, launch support, diary function, search and replace, export, password protected encryption. 32/64 bit versions. 3.61 18 Sep 2016
This Date Reminder lists all events in chronological order, with recurring events showing only once (the next one). Supported recurrence: every (number of) days/weeks/month/years. 3.28
15 Mar 2016
08 Jan 2017
Pop-up menus for the Desktop or the Quick Launch Tray. Launch programs, batch files, documents or web links through popup menus; Easy configuration; 32/64 bit versions. 2.55 11 Oct 2015
Program Launcher with large or small Icons. Easy configuration; Categories, System Tray mode, Selectable font and colors. Automatic drive letter handling on USB flash drives; 32/64 bit versions 2.24
13 Dec 2015
06 Jan 2017
Variable size Calendar (1..12 month) with the option to copy the selected date or the current date and time to the clipboard (auto/custom formatted). 2.77 15 Jun 2016
TimeSync gets the current time from a NIST server, and adjusts the PC clock if necessary. 2.33 07 Sep 2016
Digital desktop clock + alarm, timer, stopwatch 1.41 07 Sep 2016
Auto-sizing plain text viewer that allows editing and saving the text.
ShowTx is ideal for use in batch processes or as "Send To" tool.
2.00 15 Aug 2012
Mini Tools: shortcut for removable media, path length information, list of environment variables, file date, set Vdrive (USB) & launch;
with PureBasic source
12 Jul 2012