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Calendar 2.77-b
23 May 2016
  • Fixed: lost system tray icon after Windows Explorer crash
  • Day (icon) in title bar: can be deactivated (INI file: DayInTitle=0)
  • PureBasic ver. 5.42
  • Bugfix: start full year with "today" info OFF, layout space issue
  • Bugfix: increasing window width issue
  • Bugfix: save full year position (ini file)
MemPad 3.61-b
x64 version
17 Apr 2016
  • Double click on index item: no more beep
  • Ctrl + [x] in systray mode will exit MemPad
  • PureBasic ver. 5.42
Qsel 2.25-b
x64 version
10 May 2016
  • Configuration: Sort function available in item list context menu
  • PureBasic ver. 5.42
ZipTo 1.0-b
ZipTo (64 bit)

16 May 2016
ZipTo is an addition to the 7-zip compression tool (www.7-zip.org), which is assumed to be installed on your computer. ZipTo offers an extra user interface to send selected files from the Windows Explorer to an archive at a place of your choice (with management of "favorite" places).

The program is designed as a "SendTo" tool for the Windows Explorer context menu. The compression is done by the command line archiver "7z.exe", and the resulting archive is opened for viewing/editing.

New revision beta-18; Unicode
HelpGen (MemPad)

06 Jun 2013
Generate console command help file for MemPad
Improved version; Windows 7 & 8 compatible
mpHTML 0.72-b

12 Oct 2014
MPhtml generates an HTML output from MemPad's Export:
+ the text will be indented according to the index structure
+ title lines will be highlighted and/or colored
+ "horizontal ruler" between pages (optional)
Other features:
+ user defined HTML templates are used as framework for the output
+ HTML tags are supported in MemPad text (in square brackets)
+ some special tags for current date, titles etc. are supported
Unicode (UTF-8)