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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
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TTclock 1.44b 32 bit
TTclock 1.44b 64 bit

17 Jan 2018
Arrow keys for digits: up/down swapped
64 bit version available
Date Reminder 3.34b 64 bit

01 Feb 2018
64 bit version
Calendar 2.78b 64 bit

26 Jan 2018
64 bit version
TimeSync 2.35b 64 bit

02 Feb 2018
64 bit version
ZipTo 1.0b 32 bit
ZipTo 1.0b 64 bit

16 May 2016
ZipTo is an addition to the 7-zip compression tool (www.7-zip.org), which is assumed to be installed on your computer. ZipTo offers an extra user interface to send selected files from the Windows Explorer to an archive at a place of your choice (with management of "favorite" places).

The program is designed as a "SendTo" tool for the Windows Explorer context menu. The compression is done by the command line archiver "7z.exe", and the resulting archive is opened for viewing/editing.

New revision beta-18; Unicode
HelpGen (MemPad)

06 Jun 2013
Generate console command help file for MemPad
Improved version; Windows 7 & 8 compatible
mpHTML 0.72-b

12 Oct 2014
MPhtml generates an HTML output from MemPad's Export:
+ the text will be indented according to the index structure
+ title lines will be highlighted and/or colored
+ "horizontal ruler" between pages (optional)
Other features:
+ user defined HTML templates are used as framework for the output
+ HTML tags are supported in MemPad text (in square brackets)
+ some special tags for current date, titles etc. are supported
Unicode (UTF-8)