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Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
Batch tools & utilities for the MS-DOS operating system

These programs were developed in a Win9x environment. They run under plain DOS as well as under Windows 95/98 in a DOS window or full screen. Most of the programs will also work under the DOS emulation of Windows 2000/XP/7.
No chance on 64 bit systems. +++ For 32 bit batch tools see CMD 32/64 bit +++
Dialog boxes with menues, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and input fields for GUI window or full screen DOS. Win NT/2000 compatible. SEP 2005
Handy list browser for DOS with mouse interface, search function. LFN's, STDIN (Pipe) - can handle large files. JUN 2001
Set environmental variables with various file related information; string operations, integer arithmetic. Win 2000/XP compatible. JUN 2002
Get assignments from an INI file to environmental variables. Easily use INI files for your own batch projects. FEB 2003
Modify (and read) Windows type INI files. Feb 2003
Versatile line/list modification tool to generate lists of commands, set variables to anything extracted from (DOS) output, and more.. Win NT/2000 compatible. DEC 2002
Compare dates, including date tags of files and directories (LFN), TODAY; optionally +/- days SEP 2003
Two small search tools: XFIND with subdirectory option reports files for further processing; TFIND scans a file for several strings (Boolean AND); options JUL 2001
WINDOWS Clipboard: send/receive text from/to DOS by redirection. Country specific character conversion. Win 95/98 only. JAN 2001
For the DOS window: Menu bar shows at DOS prompt when mouse cursor touches top line. Up to 5 commands can be launched by mouse click (Win 95/98). JAN 2001

Collection of tiny tools published in ancient FIDO times.
Some will not work under WinNT/2000/XP.